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In order to assure the necessary quality in the services and to guarantee the satisfaction of the customers, adequate measures are taken, such as:


pontoStandardized procedures for execution of all activities that can affect the quality of the final product / services;

pontoQualified labor, with requirements for admission, and training / qualification always when necessary;

pontoRequirements for acquisition, tests and storage of material;

pontoCalibration of measurement and production equipment;

pontoElaboration of the Quality Plan for each service, approaching all aspects regarding the services, products, resources (including human), necessary inspections, health, environmental and occupational health risks;

pontoUtilization of the pertinent technical standards.


In order to maintain transparency and reliability with its stakeholders, seek to serve with efficiency and quality, in compliance with applicable legal requirements with impartiality, the CCT Conceitual Construções, has established and maintains a Complaints Handling Policy, which provides all stakeholders.


Complaints Handling Policy