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Selo 16001 2012

Quality, competitiveness and good service no longer represent the only differences in the market. In today's world, consumers have become more aware of the needs of their communities citizens and therefore began to demand the fulfillment of the responsibilities of companies for their development.


A few years has been using some conceptual Corporate Social Responsibility practices, in order to self-evaluate and incorporate questions on the topic in its Integrated Management System (SGI in portuguese).


The company, with the help of some partners, and also with the certification in ISO 16001 - Social Responsibility Management System, has been working to implement and disseminate among its stakeholders, activities related to social responsibility, seeking to demonstrate their concern and his ethical commitment with respect to the promotion of citizenship, promoting sustainable development and transparency of its activities.
The CCT created a Code of Ethics, which is our commitment to accountability, ethics, transparency and mutual respect among employees.
In order to maintain transparency and reliability together with its stakeholders seek to serve with efficiency and quality, according to the legal requirements with impartiality, CCT Conceitual Construções Ltda, has established and maintains a Complaints Handling Policy Conflicts and Disputes. which it makes available to all interested parties.
The Concept also provides evidence of social responsibility practices through the dissemination of its annual Environmental Report

Field of activities: "Projects and installations services for fuel distribution equipments electromechanical maintenance, civil works and installation, operation and maintenance of distribution of natural gas pipelines".

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To report issues relating to Corporate Social Responsibility, use Contact.